The Truth about Scientology Website by Kristi Wachter

Los Angeles, California 1 comment

Has a list with my name on it on her website,

I have emailed her several times to have my name removed and she continues to keep it on her list.

Having people search and find my name has cost me work, and future work as employers are searching candidates names.

There is a list for many people on this site who do not want to be on this site, who may have been attached to this church sometime ago, and are no longer part of it, and want nothing more to do with it.

Please do what you can to get Kristi Wachter to stop abusing innocent people.

Review about: My Name Returned On Serps.



I fully agree with you and I have the same problem, along with my homonyms. I am not a US Citizen so I don't know what to do but you guys could start a class action and make a lot of cash out of it, don't you think? I mean, it is libel, Financial losses and so on.

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